With the wealth of our experience, today our affinities lie with the following musical genres:
Alternative / Blues / Electro / Heavy Metal / Hip Hop / Jazz / Pop / Rap / Rock / World Music

Dooweet Agency is a global solution available for musicians and extended to the whole cultural sphere willing to make a difference.

Our main expertise ? Handle your musical project to give it exposure to French and foreign medias, develop its visibility and back you up as an artist. Since the beginning, we never stopped growing and widen our network and skills to be always more efficient and answer the best way possible to your needs.

We’re living in the home studio and Internet era. Musical offer never was that pregnant. Stepping out of the line means having a real promotional strategy and being surrounded by an efficient team. We’re fully conscious of the difficulty to rise among the musical hodgepodge displayed by the Internet. That’s why we offer alternative solutions to promotion, such as distribution of your records in France and abroad, and management. What choice ? What direction to follow to comfort your project’s future ? We are here for an advice. We help you approaching labels, booking agencies and other structures that may help you in your career. Dooweet is a 360° machine : Dooweet is all over the place.

Our motto « Communication is understanding your listener » (Jean Abraham) means that we understand your matters. As you are supposed to understand those of your audience to stay close to its expectations.


Autodidact and in love with musics of all kinds, Christophe has a training an artistic agent. With an atypical background including an IT course, English and Spanish degrees and finally the ATLA school, he joins the Cité de la Musique in Paris in 2010. He then draws inspiration from the freedom offered by the institution in terms of creation and self development to launch Dooweet in 2012. Today, he is a manager, a press agent, but also an instructor in communication Master degree II at Léonard de Vinci institute, and a consultant at ATLA school. Christophe works on the influence of Dooweet and the artists represented by the structure.


Coming from the rock and metal scenes, going from gigs to festivals, Sarah has always been involved in live entertainment. Late 2010, she integrates Salamah Productions as a booking agent. Going from street theater to music and even painting, this group helps us discovering artistic fields, meeting extraordinary people and living unforgettable times. In 2012, she moves back to Paris and meets Christophe Sousa. Due to a good complicity and synergy, they both decide a couple of months later to work together as press agents for the development of Dooweet Agency.


Dooweet joint venture saw the light of day on the 15th of March, 2012 after 2 long hard years of restless work. Christophe Sousa, its founder, had a genuine ambition : allow Rock and Metal artists to have a decent promotion at lower costs, but also helping other players of the scene to develop and spread their message. Concretely, how did it work ?

First, the structure has been backed by a couple of important private sponsors (, Red Bull, La caisse d’Epargne…) willing to finance promotion of emerging artists with exposure in return.

Two years later, this compelling way of working became hard to manage, both for the Agency and the artists. Dooweet joint venture thus became Dooweet Agency : a global solution for musicians and artistic players, maintaining ethics and passionnate activism of its members.


  • World First agency organizing a meeting between a World Pop Star and an Influencer (2018 – Enrique Iglesias / Jeremstar).
  • Best tattooed models agency (2016 – FHM).
  • Only European press agent structure to have a partnership with VEVO (2015 – Fuction).
  • World premiere launching of THE CNK DVD in Paris (Grand Rex)
  • French premiere of the Kiss The Boys nights (2014)
  • Launching of the very first compilation made of 100 % emergent metal artists (Ghost Ship, Sworn Enemy…) (with FNAC support) (2013)
  • Only promo agency worlwide to distribute albums in 30 countries.
  • More than 500 projects promoted since 2012.