What means « promoting an album » ? We’re often asked that question. It’s a necessary step that will allow you to find your audience and catch the attention of professionals. Your recording gives you an opportunity to spread the news which has to reach medias in order to build a solid pressbook. In the long run, this tool will allow you to find new partners. But first, promotion gives you a chance to increase your popularity, spread your music as much as possible, and also find tour dates.


Our network includes 6000 journalists, freelancers and reviewers working on four different types of medias (press, Internet, TV, radio) on international, national and local levels. We also work with the artistic directors of the digital platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify… ) in order to guarantee you highlights and entries in playlist, as well as Youtubers specialized in music.


The spearhead of current medias.


Today, Internet medias are essential : they represent more than half of the press feedbacks. There are of course blogs and underground websites for the trend, but also more general medias that are widely visited such as LESINROCKS.COM, KONBINI, TELERAMA.FR or VICE.


It’s no secret that printed press suffers from the competition with the Internet, though it still remains a major prescriber that helps you gaining recognition. Moreover, this press is getting more and more sensitive to emerging talents. We are working with national and/or local printed press, such as LE MONDE, LE PARISIEN, LIBÉRATION, OUEST FRANCE… and also with music related magazines such as ROCK ‘N FOLK, ROLLING STONE, FRANCOFANS and NEW NOISE (FR), LEGACY (GER), METALIZED (DK), TERRORIZER (GB) for Metal.


We’re focusing on three kinds of radios : the national ones (FRANCE BLEU, FRANCE INTER, VIRGIN RADIO, NRJ, RTL2…), the local ones (OUI FM, RÉSEAUX CAMPUS & FERAROCK…) and the webradios (LA GROSSE RADIO, RADIO METAL, ROCK EN FOLIE…).


Beyond the traditional broadcasting of a single or album, we are requesting our radio partners for interviews and acoustic or electric sets. Moreover, these radio stations all have hugely popular websites. Therefore you’re able to get some editorial content on the Internet that is linked to your presence on their air waves.


Image is essential to showcase a vibrant overview of your identity. That’s why we have developed a network of TV medias (MTV, NRJ12, CSTAR, NOLIFE TV, GAMEONE & MCM…) to broadcast your video to the wider majority.


Thanks to Hellfest in particular, Rock and Metal are mentioned again on major TV medias, the better example being « Tracks » on ARTE which supports the alternative scene. Our role is to attract the attention of the programmers so that you can take part in it, and thus have a great calling card to interest other shows like « L’Album de la Semaine » on CANAL +.

“Communication consists in understanding your listener”