Today, the music industry is home to many artists. To set yourself apart and make yourself seen by the public, it is essential to implement the right communication strategy. And this includes promoting your album. This step is crucial for all artists, but especially young talent because they do not enjoy the same level of fame as a star. At our agency, we often ask ourselves: ‘How do we promote your music?’ Can we do it solo, by using the internet, or must we entrust this to specialists? From experience, we know that the promotion of a music project needs time, knowledge and a solid network.

In fact, we must adapt our strategy to your musical style and your objectives in order to find success and win over the public and professionals (for example, partners). You must therefore take care in this step because it will decide the success of your album or EP later, which is a vital element in organising future gigs and festival appearances. At Dooweet, we assist you in this approach and take care of all your music promotion needs. You will benefit from our extensive address book, our expertise and the advice of our team. 


The spearhead of current medias.

Today, Internet medias are essential : they represent more than half of the press feedbacks. There are of course blogs and underground websites for the trend, but also more general medias that are widely visited such as LESINROCKS.COM, KONBINI, TELERAMA.FR or VICE.


It’s no secret that printed press suffers from the competition with the Internet, though it still remains a major prescriber that helps you gaining recognition. Moreover, this press is getting more and more sensitive to emerging talents. We are working with national and/or local printed press, such as LE MONDE, LE PARISIEN, LIBÉRATION, OUEST FRANCE… and also with music related magazines such as ROCK ‘N FOLK, ROLLING STONE, FRANCOFANS and NEW NOISE (FR), LEGACY (GER), METALIZED (DK), TERRORIZER (GB) for Metal.


We’re focusing on three kinds of radios : the national ones (FRANCE BLEU, FRANCE INTER, VIRGIN RADIO, NRJ, RTL2…), the local ones (OUI FM, RÉSEAUX CAMPUS & FERAROCK…) and the webradios (LA GROSSE RADIO, RADIO METAL, ROCK EN FOLIE…).

Beyond the traditional broadcasting of a single or album, we are requesting our radio partners for interviews and acoustic or electric sets. Moreover, these radio stations all have hugely popular websites. Therefore you’re able to get some editorial content on the Internet that is linked to your presence on their air waves.


Image is essential to showcase a vibrant overview of your identity. That’s why we have developed a network of TV medias (MTV, NRJ12, CSTAR, NOLIFE TV, GAMEONE & MCM…) to broadcast your video to the wider majority.

Thanks to Hellfest in particular, Rock and Metal are mentioned again on major TV medias, the better example being « Tracks » on ARTE which supports the alternative scene. Our role is to attract the attention of the programmers so that you can take part in it, and thus have a great calling card to interest other shows like « L’Album de la Semaine » on CANAL +.


How to promote your music? What does the promotion of an album or an EP involve? These are two questions that you’re undoubtedly asking yourself, and rightly so. And, these days, faced with stiff competition and the wide range of music available, it’s not always easy to set yourself apart from the crowd. This is why our agency wants to help you and take charge of the promotion of your project. We put our know-how at your disposal to offer you a custom-made strategy. After all, getting your music out there isn’t just about announcing the release of an album.

It’s also vital to pre-empt it and promote it afterwards. The strategies and methods used must complement one another to ensure the best possible visibility. You must think short-term but also, in the long term, seek out new fans and partners. Thanks to our experts, your album is in good hands. We will do our very best to make sure that, during our collaboration, you are never bothered with the notorious question: ‘How do I make my music known?’


Our promotion of albums and EPs relies on four vital mediums: press, internet, television and radio. Mediums in which we have many contacts and with which we can promote your music. And although the internet is number 1, and undeniably so, the others are still necessary to reach the public and develop your profile. They complement each other. And thanks to our extensive address book, we work just as well with journalists and reviewers as artistic directors and music influencers. This also means we can find the right representative for each artist.  

In the same way, our team is always adapting to change and new ways of consuming music. This is why we have integrated digital platforms such as Deezer and iTunes into our working tools as they have become indispensable in raising your profile and promoting your album or EP. 

To find out more, please contact us. We would be delighted to discuss your promotion with you and assist you in the near future. 

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