Touring goes hand in hand with press relation to help you widen your audience. We are backing you efficiently in the promotional organisation of your tour by highlighting your key dates such as festivals or significant openings.


We have a strong targeted local press file that allows us to raise awareness of the medias of your niche to each of your events, to announce it and book an interview with you on the spot.


So that the exposure of your live events can be optimal, we are communicating on the entirety of live agendas on the Internet and in the printed press, nationally and locally.


One of our additional assets : a street team that will cover all gigs and meetings matching with your project. Our crew is spreading your flyers while focusing on the fitting audience.

When it comes to ensuring the success of a music event,preparation is a key element, but it isn’t the only one. Promotion also has to be carefully considered. Not only that butit’s a crucial way of spreading the word among your audience, fuelling interest,ticketsalesand attendance ata concert, festival or tour. The result is the resounding success of your project and an establishedreputation in the music sector. At Dooweet, we appreciatethat this takes time and that often, having focussed on every aspect of the organisation of a show, you’re left with littleenergy to devote to advertising

This is where we come in by taking charge of your event’s promotion. Music-related communication is our speciality. With the benefit of our network, expertise and experience, we are able to offer you a bespoke strategy for your tour, concert or festival. And this could come a variety of forms such as interviews, track distribution or the creation of a targeted press release. All of which means you’d no longer have to worry about promotion and could simply focus on the finishing touches before the big day.

Greater visibility for your music event

Nowadays, with social media and the internet, you’d be forgiven for thinking thatanyone could take care ofevent promotion. And while this is in fact true, there are otherways of communicating. So,to make sure that a tour, concert or festival is promoted effectively, you should think beyond solely the internet. There are other tools, the classics, which have proved and continue to provetheir worth. For instance, this is true of local and targeted press releaseswhich enable the media to be contacted and music events to be announced

Schedules in newspapers, magazines and specialist reviews are alsopowerful communicationtools. And that’s without even mentioning street-marketing during other concerts and festivals where you can really hone in onyour targetaudience. These are all measures that our team often implements to expert effect. By assigning the promotion of your project, tour or premier party to us, you can then enjoy greater visibility and broader impact

Promotion, an essential step towards the success of your project

When starting out in the music world, having the right support is important. It’s also essential to have anawareness strategy, to reach your audience and showcase your work and talent. And the promotion of your music event is part and parcel of all this. If this is done correctly, it can contribute to the success of your tour, festival or concert andboost your reputation. And the more that grows, the larger the audience you’ll reach. Which is why communication should never be neglected and you shouldn’t settle solely for social media

By choosing our agency, you will gain the benefit of the skills ofour experts and a bespoke strategy for the promotion of your music event. So, if your upcoming dates are already in the diary, get in touch right away for promotional support. We would be delighted to help you with this step along the way.

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