Since 2018 we have had two club promotion agents at Dooweet Agency. We have relationships with over 500 French DJs and 1,200 abroad. We work with the Yacast, Extraclub, and DJbuzz panels and closely with the DJs (email reminders/telephone/promotional CD shipments, etc.).


Our panel includes 200 clubs / nationals. We can work in France and throughout the world.

At the start of a musical career, you musttake care of your communication. Indeed, there a very large number of artists in the music world today. Every day, new talents emerge, both in the “classic” ways (discovery and signature of a contract with a record company for example) and via digital or television. Differentiating yourself is therefore not necessarily obvious. Fortunately, there are ways to make yourself known to the public. And this is precisely what our agency does: we define the right strategy to develop your visibility and therefore your notoriety.

To do so, we offer several services including promotion to DJs and clubs. They are not necessarily at the forefrontwhen you start implementing a communication strategy. Yet, they play a keyrole in the development of an artist, a talent. At Dooweet, we know how important they are in the music industry. Within our team, we have two clubs and DJs promotion managers in charge of presenting your songs and music to these professionals so that they play them.

Key players in the music world

In France and abroad, there are many clubs. Places where music is king and major focus points when promoting artists. Playing a title in one of these establishments allows it to be discovered by the wider public andby professionals (label, producer… etc.). It is a way to create a community, to unite an audience around your music. But you must choose the right locations and strongly promote a song. These are the kind of missions that our agency excels at, particularly as we have a panel of 200 clubs in France and around the world.

We choose the best locations based on your musical style and we introduce your music to them. We work in a similar way with DJs. In relation with more than 1,700 French and international DJs, our team contacts them, sends them your title and follows up. Our objectives are to introduce you to them and of course, to promote your talent and your work.

A service provided by true experts

Promoting to clubs and DJs requires time and knowledge. In order to provide you with a quality service, we chose to strengthen our team in 2018 with two promotion managers dedicated to these key players of the music world. These managersare dedicated to this serviceand have the necessary network to help you increase your visibility. To do so, these experts rely on tried and tested methods.

They are also available to advise you and explain their techniques. Like all the other members of our agency, they are passionate about music and like to discover new talents, groups and titles. And when they are seduced, they commit themselves to defend you with conviction, ardour and passion. Therefore, by contacting our agency, you benefit from the know-how of our experts and a personalised strategy for your music, your song. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us! You can also request a quote on our website.

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