To simplify relations with its clients, Dooweet agency has decided to set up a cus-tomised tool called Intraweet.

The goal? Directly follow your artists’ results in press relations via a dedicated account.
As a client, you can log in and observe your media results as well as follow an artist’s campaign in its entirety.

The client account highlights the name of the artist, the dates of the marketing cam-paign and the feedback from the different media (print, radio, web media, etc). A way of centralising all information to optimise press relations to the maximum, in one single platform.

Via his profile, the client will be able to easily access what is similar to a “digital press review” allowing him to check the results of our Dooweet press agents or to directly download all the different media results of his artist.

Intraweet, is therefore a tool that will simplify our relations, facilitate your communication and modernise our work.

It’s simply the place where we meet to move forward together in an optimal way!

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