With the growth of the Internet, our way of communicating and consuming have evolved. Today, the Internet is part of our lives and we all use it on a daily basis for multiple reasons,including listening to music.

With the invention of music streaming,songs, playlists and even whole albums can be played online, without specific audio equipment such as CD players,tape recorders or Hi-Fi systems. There are several music streaming platforms available and they all offer catalogs of titles, albums and playlists, either recent or old, French or international. Amongst these, Spotify is today the market leader

Created in Sweden and online since 2008, the service Spotify provides has radically changed the way music is listened to today. Spotify users are given the choice between two offers. They can subscribe to unlimited listening time and thus listen to their chosen music offline, without any advertising presence. Alternatively, they can use Spotify for free. In this case, artist campaigns and other promotional campaigns come into play at regular intervals during the users listening time, depending on their choice of music.

The platform therefore enables advertisers to enhance the visibility and reach of their promotional information. This is an interesting service for brands. It is also an interesting service for artists who can make the most of Spotify to forward their songs, albums, playlists as well as their concert tours or to broaden their fan base. This is all the more true that Spotify has recently opened to France a new solution, initially launched in other countries (USA, Canada, UK, Spain, etc.) more particularly dedicated to artists, labels, festivals and advertisers. It is called Spotify Ad Studio. In France, our agency has an Ad Studio account granted by Spotify. We can therefore offer this solution to the artists we work with, enhancing their visibility on Spotify.


Since its creation in 2008, Spotify has evolved greatly and is now reaching out to users worldwide.In December2019, it registered 124 million clients. This represents an increase of 29% compared to2018 figures,making it the n°1 player in music streaming. Accessible through a computer, smartphone or tablet, as an app or through the web, Spotify is dedicated to the online listening of music and podcasts. Users can search by album, artist or playlist and can access their choice for free (though some features of the platform are not accessible and there are advertisements) or simply subscribe

For artists, being present in Spotify’s catalog is not an obligation, but it is practically inevitable. For those starting their musical career, or for independents, Spotify is an effective means of developing notoriety and opening their horizons to a broader audience. This is why we accompany artists during their promotional campaigns on Spotify. Thanks to Spotify Ad Studio, we can now manage Artist promotional campaigns for singers, musicians and bands.


Through Spotify Ad Studio, we can assist artists in the promotion of their music on Spotify. But why is it interesting for a singer, a musician or a band to see their titles referenced in the Spotify catalog and playlists? First of all, because of the number of Spotify users. To become renown, the music streaming platform is a very efficient tool.

Secondly, being on Spotify makes artists,their titles, albums or tours visible…and not just to an audience in France. It can therefore have a positive impact on the number of albums, records and concert seats sold. Indeed, even if music streaming is very successful, this does not entail that people no longer buy records or go to live concerts 

Finally, music streaming contributes to the reduction of pirating and illegal downloading.


Being present on Spotify offers artists several advantages though competition is tough in the music business. As the years go by, the number of singers and bands referenced on the platform increases. To maintain an edge on competition, you need a promotional strategy, such as the one offered by our agency to our artists. You also need to advertise, to promote any new album, song, playlist, your back catalog, a tour or to broaden your fan base. With Ad Studio, it is possible to do this quickly thanks to its many interesting features. Amongst these, is the possibility of targeting specific users according to their interests, the contexts in which they listen to music, the musical genres they like, or the country they are in. For artists, targeting the fan base of artists with a similar fan base is an advantage that allows them to reach out to an audience listening to similar artists through Spotify. Another feature offered by Ad Studio is «Call to action» which invites users to click on ads

Ad Studio therefore reaches out specifically to an engaged audience. Finally, Ad Studio offers several advertising formats: video (horizontal or vertical screening depending on the device (desktop or phone) or audio

At Dooweet, we take care of everything for our artists. Depending on their needs, their objectives, their identity and their music, we define a tailored strategy showcasing them on Spotify, via Ad Studio.


Dooweet Agency has already tested Spotify Ad Studio and has ready access to the platform. We would therefore be happy to offer our services to any artist. We have always chosen to use legal and official means of promotion. That is why we never buy streams, even though this is commonplace in the music industry. It does not, however, fit in with our values or our way of working. For artists, such methods do not pay off in the long run.

With Ad Studio and Spotify, we help artists reach their audiences, those who are truly interested in their songs and music. The aim is that they then share the titles, albums and playlists. For this, we adapt our message depending on the artist’s target audience. We also keep track of evolutions in listening behavior and on the outcomes of the Artist campaigns on the platform. That is another very practical advantage of Ad Studio. It allows us to assess the results of a campaign(listeners, new listeners, % of user having added the artist to their Favorites or one of the titles to their Playlists), and to then adjust, if necessary,our promotional strategy for it to be even more efficient and provide even better results.

So if you would like to make the most of the features provided by Ad Studio and the expertise of our agency do not hesitate to get in touch with us.We would be happy to present our services and to discuss your personal project,your needs.

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