Press attachés and music marketing

The music industry has, for several years, undergone many upheavals. Essentially due to a fundamental change in the way music is consumed, these changes have a major impact on music promotion in the broad sense. Partly due to the decline of the CD, the boom of streaming or the return of the vinyl, musical promotion is also evolving. Convinced that this spot-lighting of an artist must revel in its time without being limited to a specific geographical area, the music marketing agency Dooweet now offers its services in Montpellier, in l’Hérault.

The benefits of a music promotion agency

As a singer, musician or artistic producer, you are fully aware that promotion is a crucial step in the success of your project, regardless of your experience. Amateurs like professionals of the music industry, who entrust their need for visibility to a marketing agency and press attachés in the field of music, benefit among others, in the following ways:

  • professional, comprehensive and sustainable support
  • privileged contacts with diverse actors in the musical sector
  • powerful and innovative tools in managing digital presence
  • offers tailored to all budgets and respective constraints
  • data analysis that refines choices regarding one service or another…

This not-nearly exhaustive list actually reflects just a small facet of the job of a music press attaché in Montpellier, in Occitane and everywhere else in France or the world. In our opinion, there are no “ready-made” promotion formulas, since each measure or step depends on your preferences and expectations.

Trust in an agency with presence in Paris and Montpellier

Originally present in the French capital, our Dooweet music promotion agency is now exported to Occitane and even to the heart of “The city that never sleeps”. Our extensive involvement makes it easier for us to connect with talented artists from all backgrounds and settings.

In Paris and Montpellier, we apply the same methods of musical marketing and artistic promotion. Everything starts from a project: yours. Dooweet then takes care of choosing the service in line with your expectations, your desires and your possible constraints.

We strive to establish a real exchange with each of the artists whose artistic promotion we promote. It’s all about contacts, objective advice and expert advice, beyond even the marketing and music press opportunities we offer.

DOOWEET looks forward to welcoming you by appointment to its Montpellier office. We hopeto put in place an effective and lasting promotion of your project in musical or vocal creation, which deserves to be heard and known by the greatest possible audience.

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