Management of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube campaigns

Nowadays, the Internet makes its presence felt in every aspect of everyday life.
It has reached almost all generations and is used just as commonly for entertainment as it is for work, exchange, purchases, finding information and communication. For artists, it has become an absolute must, given the diverse range of music marketing possibilities that it offers.

And among the tools to be included in any communication strategy, there’s no overlooking social media. However, to use them to good effect, you need to know what you’re doing and be aware of certain particulars and user expectations. Simply having an account isn’t enough. What’s more, you need to provide target-specific content and send out the right messages at the right time. All that takes time, hard work and is by no means as straightforward as managing a personal account. It means defining a communication plan and keeping up to date with new developments and popular online content.

At Dooweet, creating and monitoring digital music marketing campaigns is part of what we do best. If you’d like to make yourself heard on social media and for your strategy to be shaped by specialists and experienced community managers, contact our agency. From Facebook to Instagram without overlooking YouTube and the latest on trend platform, TikTok, we’ll strengthen your communication by suggesting personalised actions.


Certain social media platforms are particularly popular among internet users and therefore have to be part of your strategy and your music communication plan. Facebook is one of them. It’s undoubtedly the best-known as it’s the oldest. Despite being dethroned by Instagram in recent years, it remains an effective marketing tool for music artists. At our agency, we know this platform and its codes inside out. We can draw up a bespoke communication plan for your project.

Facebook Ad campaigns will help boost your visibility, reputation and offer a direct channel to your target audience. They also drive engagement among fans, who in turn share your ads and messages with their contacts… Meaning your posts reach a much wider audience. What’s more, with Facebook Ads, you can target very specific groups of internet users with your advertising. And thanks to Dooweet, you’ll enjoy agency support for your strategy and communication plan, as well as the advice and expertise of our team. Your Facebook Ad campaigns will be in good hands, those of our digital music marketing specialists.


The second social media key to building your reputation and the visibility of your music project (new album, new track, concert, tour… etc.): Instagram. For an artist, this platform offers a number of advantages. First of all, it is extremely popular, in France it had a monthly estimate of 21 million visitors in 2020. With an Instagram profile (whether you manage it yourself or leave that to a community manager), you can interact with your fans, share photos and videos with them, introduce them to your musical world and give them a backstage glimpse into your life. However, just like Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, Instagram has its codes. Take hashtags for example. While they hold enormous potential for your digital marketing, they can’t simply be used haphazardly. They have to relate to your posts.

If you don’t have the time to spend on them, or you don’t have a community manager, our agency can support you with your Instagram communication. We’ll produce posts tailored to your goals, context or project, which tell the right story (yours, that of your album, your group… etc.). Our role as a community manager is to define your editorial strategy and manage your Instagram campaigns to boost engagement among your community.


In 2020, an app or name more associated with having fun boomed in France and is now one of the best-loved social media platforms among internet users (particularly the young): TikTok. For this reason, using this app as part of your music communication can be really worthwhile. In fact, it’s a great fit for the music world as it relies on the sharing of short videos, which can be personalised with filters. And above all else, music is at the heart of these videos.

On TikTok, the more creative and original you are, the better your chances are of attracting users (most of whom are under 30), of growing your community, sharing your music… as well as boosting your visibility. Once again, defining our strategy is critical. And that’s where our agency, Dooweet, and our community managers come in. We can map out a personalised TikTok communication plan for you and manage your digital marketing campaigns.

What’s more, this app is used in quite a similar way to music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Platforms which we know well at our agency, Dooweet, as we also use them to provide artist promotion. Thanks to this work, we know exactly how to put them to good effect to help you reach your goals.


There is another website where it is vital to have a presence as part of your digital music marketing strategy: YouTube. Our agency provides services to enable you to communicate on this platform which is an ideal way of promoting your music, videos, work, introducing internet users to your world, taking them backstage on your tours, at concerts and making recording for your fans. And to use YouTube to its fullest, you have to have a strategy. It’s not enough to simply upload your videos in order to gain visibility. You have to optimise as well as make the most of them and above all, bear in mind your other communication campaigns on Instagram, Facebook Ads and TikTok. They have to complement each other.

That also means monitoring the impact of your actions on YouTube, to work out whether they have been successful or need improvement. With our agency and community managers, you’ll have support every step of the way. We put our know-how and insights at your fingertips to present a plan, strategy and effective steps for your digital marketing on YouTube.

So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more!


In addition to these social media giants, which are almost universally used, there’s a range of other platforms which can do a lot for artist communication too. These include Snapchat. Created in 2011, it is particularly popular among under-25s. A key demographic for countless groups and singers, who can therefore communicate with them directly. Particularly as digital music marketing on Snapchat holds all sorts of advantages.

The platform allows you to send your fans,and wider community, extremely creative and original content (videos and photos). Unlike other networks, your publications are temporary and disappear shortly after you hit send. So, how can this help your communication? Well it’s simple: even with a small budget, you can stand out from the crowd and build a loyal fan base all byusing original posts, which allow your creativity to run free. What’s more, users on the app are highly active.

By doing your digital marketing on Snapchat, you can create a closer and more authentic relationship with your community. You can take them behind the scenes at a recording session, tour or concert or even launch a competition… so it would be a real shame not to use it for your communication


Another site which is emerging asan increasingly effective digital marketing tool for the music world is Twitch. Less well-known than the networks mentioned above, it is still useful for artists.

Online since 2011, this platform is primarily used for videogame live-streaming, with one key detail: users can interact live during a session. This is why it’s best known among gamers. But since being acquired by Amazon in 2014, it has steadily become the go-to website for streaming. It now has a wider remit, and although gaming is very much still front and centre, other areas of interest are popping up, such as music.

At Dooweet, we encourage artists to use Twitch for their digital marketing as we think it suits their needs perfectly. For instance, a singer and their musicians can film themselves during regular song-writing sessions and be seen, live, by web users(essentially their fans), who can in turn post comments in real time and chat with them.

This format is fantastic for interaction and an element of intimacy… both things that fans love. Lastly, its users tend to be young -between 13 and 35 years old in general -and don’t tend to be so open to other media and forms of communication. Through Twitch, you can therefore reach a more niche target audience but one with a big impact

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