We are all aware of how our way of life is impacting the planet. For some years now, the results of our blasé attitude have been leaving their mark on the world’s ecosystems.

Because we’ve had our heads in the sand for generations, we sometimes ignore the striking examples of our errors, such as the appearance of plastic “continents” or “Earth Overshoot Day” (which is the day when humanity has consumed the equivalent of a year’s worth of the world’s resources) which gets earlier and earlier every year.

It’s high time we acted. In order to limit a carbon footprint which would otherwise have catastrophic consequences for the environment, Dooweet is taking things in hand.

Our planet is suffering, let’s do something about it.

The climate emergency is here, if we continue to destroy our planet and shirking our responsibilities, generations to come will be robbed of the simple pleasures of running through a forest, bathing in a lake or even discovering plants and animals that aren’t in zoos.

We also know that if each of us changed our behaviour even slightly, the damage would be limited. So, we’re separating our waste, favouring non-polluting forms of transport wherever possible and now starting to pay attention to the fact that most mass retail packaging is absolutely pointless. But what about our professional environment, what can we do to lessen the harm inflicted on the Earth? There again, small steps could be enough to safeguard nature and its resources

There again, small steps could be enough to safeguard nature and its resources.


There was a clear example where our specialist music press officers were concerned. We needed to take several trips between our two music promotion agencies in Paris and Montpellier. A return journey by plane represented CO2 emissions of over 250kg, compared with “only” 5kg for the same journey by train. Of course, the journey takes 3 times as long and time is money and all that, but at DOWEET we see things differently. The additional travel time is an opportunity to discover new landscape, all the while limiting environmental damage as much as possible. This is why we never fly within France, but instead go by train or car.

What’s more, to further our environmentally-friendly approach, since 2018 we have been sure to minimise paper use where printing and displays are concerned, and have instead favoured electronic media. We’re therefore very proud to have reduced printing by over 50% in 2019, and we don’t plan on stopping there in years to come.


Acting now to change our habits is all well and good, but doing everything we can to repair past errors is even better. In addition to our current efforts for the good of our planet, we also hope to set up a tree-planting partnership. As although our will is beyond doubt, we have to confess that our knowledge is somewhat limited where reforestation is concerned. This is why, as of 2020, we have launched a partnership with a French company specialising in managed tree planting schemes, where the correct varieties are chosen on the basis of the region and/ or climate.

To work out how many trees we wanted to plant, we simply got out a pen and paper and together made a list of all our work-related travel for 2019 before calculating the carbon footprint. This figure was then converted into the number of trees required for absorption, with the use of official calculators. We will therefore plant 60 trees in 2020 to offset our 2019 CO2 emissions, and plan to take things much further…..




trees planted in 2020



tons of CO2 stored



animal shelters built



months of oxygen generated



hours of work created

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