To make a living out of music, an artist’s work (the songs, albums and concerts produced) need to be promoted.

To forward a career, to keep ahead of the increasingly tougher competition and to become a household name, promotion is essential. Today, the tools for such a job are: digital and “traditional” marketing. Marketing, unfortunately, has sometimes had bad press in the music business. Associating the purely commercial activity of marketing, with music, an art form, seems impossible.

And it is a difficult task… but one that is not altogether impossible.

Common ground can be found between the worlds of marketing and art. Marketing music digitally in no way modifies the nature of the artist or the quality of the work created. On the contrary, it allows artists to stand out, to be recognized by fellow singers, bands and musicians, to stand in the limelight. This, of course, is only possible with the right strategy, the one best suited to the artist’s image, project and music. This is where our Dooweet press agency comes into play.

Specialized in the promotion and communication of music, our team offers artists a personalized online and offline marketing strategy. Promoting music online and offline may appear to be two very different strategies; they are, in fact, complementary. Today, neither the online side of the music business (Internet and social media), nor the more traditional offline media (the printed press, radio and TV) should not be neglected. In our agency, we offer our clients both these services. We put all our expertise, our network and our passion at the full disposal of the artists we work with.


Today, to be the talk of the town is not enough to guarantee the promotion of an album, a future event or a new song. A digital form of music marketing will also be necessary. Put simply, marketing music digitally means targeting an audience and providing it with all the necessary information on an artist, his or her music and project. Digital marketing therefore actively contributes to an artist’s popularity, notoriety and fame. It is also an efficient way of selling concert tickets and albums (or increasing the number of downloads), or of simply reaching out to new fans. However, if marketing music, both offline and online, have their respective advantages, artists must tread carefully. A clear strategy needs to be set so that the return on investment is worth the while and the tools used effectively support one another. The aim is not just to communicate information. The actions implemented must be of benefit.

By using the services of our agency, you will be accompanied. We will define with you a personalized marketing strategy, manage your campaigns and analyze their results. We will offer you our two-fold expertise: that in the offline marketing of music through traditional channels, and that in the digital marketing of music through the Internet and social media.

At Dooweet, we are not just experts in communication, in promotion and in artistic production, we also love music. We know our way around the industry and can offer a strategy tailored to your image, your style of music, your needs.


For today’s generation, the Internet is the n°1 communication tool. Millennials have grown with the Internet and it is an important part of their everyday lives. If this may seem obvious to most, less so is the promotional impact of the more traditional media channels. The musical press, TV and radio still play an important role in the promotion of artists and music projects. Without them, any marketing strategy is necessarily incomplete.

We therefore offer artists several means of promotional action that we adjust according to their identity and needs. We manage the organization of events such as concerts and shows and build the necessary promotional support (both audio and/or visual, online or on paper). We also manage the search for sponsors, the buying of advertising space on TV, radio and in the written press. We launch advertising campaigns in the streets, on the subway, in buses. We organize the distribution of flyers, as this too is an efficient promotional tool.

So as to define the most pertinent campaign tools for your needs and strategy, we undertake thorough market research. This allows us to offer our advice on which  offline music marketing tools suit you best, but also on the best media channels, be they specialized or aimed at a broad audience.


If there is has been one unavoidable media, since the onset of the 21st century, it is the Internet. Some artists were discovered online for the first time making the Internet a land of many possibilities.

When it comes to the digital marketing of music, several promotional actions are available for bands, singers and musicians. In our agency, we use several online tools, websites and social media.

We have the skills to create websites and apps, to put matter online, to manage the digital operations that will reach the influencers. We can also take care of your advertising campaigns promoted through social media (Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, TikTok, etc.), through live streaming media (Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube) or through websites and blogs.

For all our  music marketing online actions, we assess the results of our campaigns in order to make any necessary adjustments. We also make sure that our online campaigns (on the Internet and social media) are articulated to our offline campaigns (those aimed at the press, TV and radio). We always make sure there is a clear link between all our promotional actions, so that they form a coherent whole, and remain faithful to the image, the identity and the work of an artist.

In our Dooweet agency, we only propose a tailored music marketing strategy to our clients. We know that every artist is different and their production unique. For a strategy to reach its target, it also must be unique.

So if you are interested in our online and offline services, or require any further information, do not hesitate to give us a call.
We will be happy to take the time to discover your work and to discuss your project.

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