Our music communications agencytakes care of the tiniest detail of your promotion while also being present for all those ‘incidentals’ involved in this industry, which you don’t often consider. If showcasing an artist or their work is achieved through communicating their talent, the commercial aspect of such a campaign cannot be neglected either. Doweet supplements its music promotion with a comprehensive and sustained music marketingservice, with a particular emphasis on digital methods (internet, social networks, influencers, etc.).

Complete promotion and in-depth analysis

Besides promotion of strictly instrumental and vocal works,  Dooweet avails of numerous strategies to introduce a singer or musician, such as collaborating with a producer in their day to day tasks:


  • In-depth studyof each project to ensure the selection most suitable offer
  • Use of powerful online toolsto optimise the profitability of promotional investments
  • Advice and management of various kinds ofonline campaigns (display, search, affiliation, etc.)
  • Analysis and data reporting(community statistics, online campaigns…)
  • PR and social relations(fan monetisation, organisation of meetings, efficacy of  social network campaigns…)


These few examples of marketing and artistic promotion are only the beginning. We believe that our priority is to understand your needs and how to meet them, without neglecting the most minute details of your digital artist promotion, which is no longer possible to do without.

Whether you have a clear idea of musical marketing or, conversely, this hidden side of the industry remains elusive to you, make us part of your project. Dooweet is committed to providing you with a complete and personalised service, with no other goal but the promotion of artists or works of all musical genres, be they amateur or professional.


Dooweet also offers the establishment of partnerships and marketing campaigns with media, stores, online services (such as Spotify), as well as all appropriate online and physical media in order to maximise the impact of your releases. The service includes fee negotiation at the best rates and production of communication materials. We also offer the design of a complete media plan including purchase of advertising space, partnership, branding and organisation of showcases.


“Communication consists in understanding your listener”