In your musical promotional journey, you must have heard of the importance of having a successful web presence.

Like any product or service launch, your artistic promotion can become more effective thanks to influencers. Dooweet music press officers tell you more about influencer marketing which, if carried out correctly, can turn your career upside down in the best sense of the word.

Public figures, bloggers, professional influencers… How to find your way around?

First of all, what is an influencer? A person who influences (positively or negatively) their community, certainly, but not only. Although word of mouth, a real heavyweight in the influence of consumption, remains important, consumers (and among them music lovers) now take into account opinions on what they are about to buy (or listen to). The influencer has understood this logic and takes advantage of their notoriety to encourage people to try out a product, a service… and even to listen to an artist or an album.

So, who can be an influencer? The easy answer is: everyone, as long as they have a community (however small) that interacts regularly with their publications. Public figures, artists and sportspeople are excellent influencers, as many thousands (or even millions) of people follow them.

Finally, what about bloggers, vloggers or even YouTubers? All these terms sum up the influencer, but who uses a specific medium, generally present in the name. Therefore, a blogger participates in a promotional campaign on a blog, a YouTuber on a YouTube channel… Small linguistic peculiarity: a vlogger is actually a blogger who uses only videos to communicate.

How can an influencer boost your musical career?

The influencer intervenes like a spotlight on your single or your album. They give the opportunity to their community to listen to your creations while giving their opinion (which will hopefully be positive to succeed in this marketing operation). From there onwards, your talent and your originality will take care of the rest.

Without a doubt, influencers with a record number of followers are statistically more likely to reach a larger audience. But consumers are also turning to more discreet influencers, recognised as being more authentic. The micro-influencer was born, and their importance in musical promotion is indisputable.

Our matchmaking service with renowned influencers in the music industry

The music promotion agency Dooweet recognises how important it is, not to say crucial, to reach a large audience and ensure a constant quality of creation or publication to last in the world of music.

Our influencer management service to boost a musical career is accessible to everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more and use the notoriety of influencers to improve yours.

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