Answering the question “what is rock music?” is by no means simple as it has seen major changes since its beginnings. However, for our press officers this is no longer a case of mission impossible. In fact, we should remember that this musical style is a fairly young one having first appeared in the US in the 50s, when rock’n’roll was the more frequent term. After that, it evolved, particularly by blending with other styles, and became more popular. Nowadays, it features among the most dominant, well-known genres and is characterised by its diversity. It brings together a large number of artists so to make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd it is essential to have the right team around you and set out a PR strategy.

At Dooweet, our press officers are standing by and ready to help with this. Like rock itself, PR is something we’re more than familiar with and we’re here to support you and therefore boost your reputation and exposure. By assigning your project to us (album or EP release, a concert, festival slot, event to plan… Etc.), you’ll enjoy the benefit of our know-how and a personalised strategy.

“What is rock music?” The million-dollar question!

If you ask our press officers the question “what is rock music?” they could spend hours explaining the trend, its influences, genres and playing some of our – many – favourite tracks. But if we had to truly define this music, it would be important to point out that it is the result of mixing several trends and it first emerged in the 50s. In its early days, we can naturally highlight figures such as Elvis Presley, and also Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash and Eddie Cochran among its legends. Soon, this music would conquer other continents too, including Europe. In the 60s, it underwent a revolution of sorts with the appearance of new artists and styles. This was also the decade that it took off in the UK with the appearance of groups who would go on to enjoy huge success such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks.

The 70s brought us new genres which took the musical diversity even further: hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, punk and new wave for instance. It wasn’t until the 90s that original rock returned to the scene. And in the 21st century, new artists appeared who in turn contributed to the trend’s growing variety. All of which explains why answering the question “what is rock?” in just a few words can be so difficult!

A bespoke PR strategy for your talent and your project

Being so richly varied, this music brings together a multitude of artists. And when you’re starting out, it isn’t always so easy to make yourself known and find your audience. This is where the services provided by our press officers come in. Thanks to our experience, contacts and in-depth knowledge of rock, we can help you to showcase your talent and boost your reputation. To do so, we rely on both classic PR tools (which continue to prove their worth) and digital ones. Social media, influencers, press releases, TV, radio, press… a whole host of different but complementary levers, which above all else are vital parts of guaranteeing your exposure. By contacting our press officers, you’ll enjoy a PR strategy which is tailored to your project. So, if you’re interested in our services and you’d like to be supported by our agency, don’t hesitate!

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