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For Alcest, Dooweet ensured the promotion of the album “Kodama” on internet,
on the French radio and French television.


Alcest is a French group, founded in 2000 by Stéphan Paut, alias Neige. Originally from Bagnols-sur-cèze, Stéphan Paut grew up among the piano notes that used to play his grandmother. Bathed in classical music from an early age, Neige took up drums and bass to finally create his own universe. Marked by a personal spiritual experience, Neige seeks to collect memories of a previous world. And that is what Alcest is all about, being above all, the solo project of the multi-instrumentalist, and member of the Amesoeurs, Peste Noire and Forgotten Woods. He is then joined by Aegnor and Argoth from the group Peste Noire to form a black metal trio.

In 2007, Alcest becomes Neige’s own project again and evolves towards a more atmospheric genre by incorporating elements of shoegazing and post-metal. Almcest’s style is then baptized as “balckgaze”.  That same year, Neige composed the entirety of the first album entitled “Souvenirs d’un autre monde”, and was joined in 2009 by the drummer Jean Deflandre (Winterhalter). When playing live, Indria Saray takes over the bass and the rhythm guitar is played by Zero.

In 2016, Alcest released their fifth album: “Kodama”, based on Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoké” atmosphere. Following the success of this project, the band was invited by Robert Smith of The Cure to perform the entire album at the Meltdown Festival in London in June 2018.

After several years on tour with “Kodama”, Neige felt lost, in both composition and spirituality and wished to reconnect with the origins of the whole Alcest concept by composing “Spriritual Instinct” which crystallized a more introspective album. Signed under the label “Nuclear Blast”, this latest all-analog project marks a turning point in his career.

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