Music is an almost limitless world which ties numerous styles, genres and sub-genres together. There is no single type, but instead many, and they’re all worthy of recognition and our attention. Which brings us to the role our press officers play: unearthing talent, bringing it to public and media attention as well as ensuring exposure in order to develop artists’ reputations. Being specialists in musical communication and promotion, our team assists artists with their public and press relations. Our musical styles of choice, which we’ve championed passionately since creating our agency in 2012, include classical music. This timeless genre spans the centuries – without a single wrinkle to show for it! – and although the term itself is well-known, its exact definition and history are less so.

In fact, while this expression immediately calls to mind the great composers and their masterpieces, we forget that it also relates to performers of equally impressive talent. Furthermore, although the definition of this musical style sets out its origins somewhere between 1750 and 1780 and its conclusion in 1830, nowadays contemporary artists are “dusting it off”, bringing it up to date and above all, making it more accessible to the general public. And that is where our press officers come in by contributing to this awareness.

Classical music: a music style thought to be “learned” and with ancient origins

If we consult the dictionary definition, the beginnings of classical music date back to the second half of 18th Century (between 1750 and 1780) before it came to an end in around 1830. However, these dates only tell half of the story and do not allow for a truly satisfactory definition. Even into the 20th and 21st centuries artists continued to bring it to life, playing and interpreting the music of the greatest composers.
Often going against the grain of popular music, classical music is also thought of as learned or serious. That means that its structure, theoretical side and form are bound up in a respect for musical tradition. Similarly, it can be instrumental, vocal, baroque, profane, religious… But whatever its style, it is characterised by a demanding nature as it requires absolute mastery on the part of the musicians and artists who perform it and an attuned awareness in order to fully perceive its countless subtleties. And lastly, would the best definition of this genre not be that it is made up of timeless works, which are passed on in the form of written scores?

Bespoke support from our musical press officers to highlight your project

Within our agency, every member of our team is a music lover, including our press officers. It’s in our DNA. It’s what brings us together, motivates and enables us to provide you with services tailored to your specific needs and projects. If you are a classical music artist, feel free to contact our press officers in order to receive comprehensive PR support. To make this possible, we put our entire network, contacts and expertise at your disposal. Ultimately, our goal is to offer you greater exposure. This means working with the traditional media including television companies, the press and radio stations, but also more recent outlets such as social media and online players. So many forms of media which we know intimately and whose different facets and codes we have mastered. All of which means that by assigning your project to one of our press officers you can rest assured that it is the hands of an expert who is also a true lover of classical music. So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.

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