Single promotion of an emerging international artist

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Single promotion
of an emerging
international artist

From 2019, we are delighted to collaborate with Smiley, to promote his singles in France.

If the singer Smiley has several tens of millions of views of all his clips, it is because of his talent and ability to mix different sounds. One day inspired by ragga, the other by pop, this Romanian artist multiplies successes in his own country and all over the world.

Our music promotion actions for this artist

In order to promote Smiley’s singles in France, DOOWEET’s specialized music press officers opted for radio promotion to introduce this artist whose career is already well underway to the general public

  • Radio promotion: broadcast of songs on more than 60 local radios
  • Web promotion


Andrei Tiberiu Maria, known by his stage name of “Smiley”, is a Romanian singer-songwriter. Smiley also plies his trade as a producer, actor and co-presents the TV show “Les Roumains ont du talent”(Romania’s Got Talent), alongside Pavel Bartoş. In addition to these roles, he is one of the four judges on the show “Vocea României” (The Voice, Romania).

Smiley was born on 27th July 1983 in Pitești, Romania. As a hyperactive youngster, he soon managedto channel his energy into music, histrue passion. With time,his appetite for listeningsoon grew into a desire to singand at the age of 15 he joined the group “Simplu”, who gave him his new name “Smiley”. He would release 4 albums with them, before diving intoa solo career.

An actor, singer, producer and presenter, Smiley is now a household name throughout Romania. The tens of millions of views his videos have racked up are no accident either, it’s all down to his talent and the way he effortlessly blends different styles, one day possibly being inspired by ragga and another by pop. This Romanian artist goes from success to success in his country and the wider world.

Over the years, the songs written and released by Smiley have gained the critical acclaim of the Romanian music industry –“In lipsa mea” –Best song (2008), “Plec pe Marte” –Best dance album (2010), Dream Girl -N°1 on the music charts for 15 weeks (2011). As the founder of his own music production label for independent artists “HaHaHa Production”, he has become his country’s biggest producer. As things stand, over a quarter of Romanian hits are produced by HaHaHa.

With an 8-album back catalogue, 4 of which are solo releases, Smiley is now back with a new track “Ne Vedem noi”, a duet recorded with the singer Delia. Having had to return to Romania from the US due tothe health crisis, Smiley and his team are now in quarantine with all of their musical equipment. Deprived of contact with their loved ones and feeling restrained,the song “Ne Vedem Noi” (Until next time) was therefore born of this senseof confinement.

The single has already gained 4 million views on YouTube and signals a bright future for Smiley on the French music scene.

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