Single promotion of an emerging international artist

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Single promotion of an emerging international artist

From 2019, we are delighted to collaborate with Sirusho, to promote her singles in France

Sirusho is an Armenian artist who started her music career at 13 after being spotted in many castings. Her deep voice blends with electro-pop sounds to proudly display her origins all over the world.

Our music promotion actions for this artist

In order to promote Sirusho’s singles in France, DOOWEET’s specialized music press officers opted for radio promotion to introduce this artist whose career is already well underway to the general public.

  • Radio promotion: broadcast of songs on more than 60 local radios
  • Web promotion


Sirusho, real name Siranush Haroutunyan is an Armenian singer who wasborn on 7th January 1987 in Erevan. Blending soul, pop and folk singing, her musical style is a rich melting pot of modern and traditional sounds.

Sirusho has been writing her own music for 7 years. It was at the age of just 9 that she pickedupher first pay cheque, for the song “Lusabats”. As singer and pianist, music has been in her blood froma very young age leading her to record her first studio album in 2000 before her second in 2005. In 2006, this dedicated performer was recognised for her future in Armenian music at a ceremony in Moscow, receiving prizes for the best album and best female performer. In 2008, the BBC championed her success and applauded her newfound “national treasure” status in Armenia.

Having gained international recognition, she represented her country at Eurovision 2008, performing the song “Qélé, Qélé”, co-written with the Armenian producer HA-Der Hovagimian, and finished in 4thplace overall. “Qélé, Qélé” then became an international hit and having been remixed by Yerevan, featured regularly in clubs all over Greeceand Cyprus before reaching the UK.

Her single “Pregomesh” came out in 2012 and gained her two nominations atthe World Music Awards. She would build on this success by creating her own jewellery line, by the same name, allowing her to promote and conserve traditional Armenian craftsmanship and culture.

It’s therefore clear to see that Sirusho is a major figure on the Armenian music scene. It is against this backdrop of sharing and preserving her culture, as well as her country, that the singer has created five albums.

“Vision”, her most recent love song and freshly released this summer, leaves us looking forward to the release of a new album set to a rhythmic blend of pop and folk music, but which remains in touch with her heritage

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