Digital marketing / TikTok / Snapchat

For their track “Tourner” part of the compilation “NouvlR Vol.1” featuring the rapper NouvlR, SAF and GLK entrusted the digital marketing to our music promotion agency. Dooweet improved their visibility on the TikTok and Snapchat networks.


GLK (or Ghix La Kalash) is a young rapper from Bobigny (93). He is an independent artist, signed on the label 50k editions, and already has a certain artistic background. After four albums and an one EP, the artist has returned in 2021 with a fifth opus named “Karma”.

SAF is a young rapper from the Rosiers district in Marseille. A real tightrope walker, he knows how to vary styles, mixing rhythmic, varied melodies and Afro sounds. Only 21 years old, he shows an ease, an assurance, and a charisma that places him as one of the most promising artists of the South of France! His debut album “Bipolaire” was released in 2020.

Together, they released the track “Tourner” in 2021 on the compilation NouvlR Vol.1 featuring NouvelR.

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