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Single promotion
of an emerging
international artist

From 2019, we are delighted to collaborate with Ali Amran, to promote his singles in France.

Our music promotion actions for this artist

In order to promote Ali Amran’s singles in France, DOOWEET’s specialized music press officers opted for radio promotion to introduce this artist whose career is already well underway to the general public.

  • Radio promotion: broadcast of songs on more than 60 local radios
  • Web promotion


Ali Koulougli, aka Ali Amran (in Kabyle: Ɛli Ɛemṛan) is an Algerian singer-songwriter of Kabyle heritage. Born on 20th May 1969 in Iguariden, in the country’s north, this artist draws on his Kabyle roots to create a rich blend of local and western-influenced sounds.

With a no-frills approach, Ali Amran favours folk-rock rhythm-inspired vocals and acoustic guitar playing, borrowing both blues as well as popmelodies.Recognised by his peers: Idir, Abranis or even Takfarinas, he is part of a new wave of artists leaving their mark on Kabyle singing.

Ali took his first steps into composition as a teenager by reinterpreting the classics of Kabyle music. At University, he provided musical accompaniment to a theatre troupe, and made an instant impression on the local scene in his first appearances. He then began recording in Algeria as his style continued to evolveunder the influence of hisfrequent European travel. He has progressively lent ever closer to a more paired back approach in his search for music of a universal nature.

The singer left Algeria and settled in Paris in 2000. Solo or accompaniedby supporting musicians -bass, drumsor percussion –he would have first been heardat countless cafe-concerts, cultural events and festivals throughout the capital. In 2007, Idir invited him to open at his concert at the Zénith in Paris, a key turning point for Ali Amran.

5 albums followed between 2001 and 2018, before this dedicated artist came back with “Sin Wattanen” (Two Evils), his newly-released single for August 2020which wasinspired by the burning issues bound up in the current social, economic and health crises. A singer with solidarity in his heart, Ali tackles the two evils affecting him the most: the Coronavirus pandemic, asit ravages society and puts those caring for sufferers to the harshest of tests and an oppressed Algeria confronting armed Oujda militants who have seized power as well as the country’s riches, depriving others of essential freedoms. “Every crisis comes to an end and every illness has a cure”, concludes Ali. Let’s therefore wait for the first of the two evils to be resolved before we turn to the second

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