Promotion of singles, an album and concert dates in France of an artist

Web promotion / radio / television / printed press / marketing / influencers

Promotion of singles,
an album and concert dates
in France of an artist

We all have preferences, whether for music or any other area. Through our experience as press officers in the music industry, we have met dozens of talented artists. Ahmed Soultan knocked on our door looking to give a new lease of life to his already busy career.

We carry out our music promotion and artistic marketing job based on our know-how in this field, but we also often work on impulse, on artistic crush. This was the case with Ahmed Soultan, with whom we have been working for more than 3 years and, we hope, for many more yearsto come.

What we implemented

From the very beginning of this music promotion project, we wanted to do everything possible to ensure that Ahmed Soultan’s career was recognized at its true value. We tirelessly developed a carefully selected communication and press relations strategy:

  • Web promotion: presence on more than 80 major sites…
  • Paper promotion: various publications in Le Monde, Libération…
  • Radio promotion: broadcast on more than 40 local radio stations and on the main national radio stations (France Inter, France Culture, RFI, FIP, Nova…)
  • TV promotion: interviews and broadcasts on TV5 Monde, promotion on TF1 news, Africa news, Magreb Orient Express…

What we will implement next

Perfectly reflecting the combination of the artist’s talent and our expertise, our music promotion campaign for Ahmed Soultan did not stop there. So we also added, for the coming years, other artistic promotion services:

  • influencers relations
  • Contest games management
  • Promotion of concert dates
  • Ticket marketing
  • Web marketing…
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