Following its recognition at the 33rd edition of the “Fête de la Musique” (in 2014), urban music is now just about everywhere. And what’s more, this form of expression is a multi-faceted one because, as its definition suggests, it brings together a number of genres, including hip-hop and rap which are some of our press officers’ specialities. This is why, we assist artists with their PR in order to develop their exposure and reputation. We also handle events, such as the promotion of concerts, festivals, EP or record releases.

Thanks to our urban music culture and expertise, we can offer you tools tailored specifically to your project and needs in order to help you stand out from the crowd. On this musical scene, competition can be fierce as artists are in no short supply and new talent is regularly discovered. By working with our press officers, you’ll be able to set yourself apart and introduce the public to your lyrics and work, all the while making the most of their advice, network and expertise.

Music which has revolutionised the French and international scene

The definition of urban music groups several styles together, which are similar to rap and hip-hop. Being quite a recent one, this term came to light in the 80s. At the time it was used for African-American music. However, over the decades, it has expanded with the appearance of new artists and genres. Nevertheless, while they might have their differences, they also share similarities. First of all, sounds have become more digital thanks to the use of drum machines and synthesisers in particular. At the same time, rap and hip-hop do not solely involve the music industry. They are true cultural phenomena, with a world and codes all of their own. This is also why they have revolutionised the industry, managed to gain such a strong standing and in particular, attract a largely young audience more open to identifying with these cultural and musical movements.

And while the initial definition of this trend reminds us that it was inspired by African-American music, we now understand that it is much broader, as types of urban music blend forms of technology and genres. Inspiration also comes from the inner city, estates and the street, essentially from a variety of cultures. The definition of this trend has therefore evolved along with it. Nevertheless, one thing remains unquestionable: it managed to find an audience in France where it was greeted with open arms. And nowadays it remains ever-popular so much so that a number of festivals have been set up as well as prizes awarded.

Le rap et le hip-hop, deux des spécialités de notre agence

As with other styles, the definition of urban music can be seen as a bit of a “catch-all” as it groups several styles and genres. But it is more useful than that might suggest as it allows us to understand its history and origins. At Dooweet, our press officers are passionate about rap and hip-hop. We love discovering new artists, singing their praises and promoting events. That is one of goals, but first and foremost it is a passion. That is why, by working with one of our press officers, you will enjoy the benefit of genuine PR support, which is tailored to you, your needs and above all, reflects your authenticity. This is something else we focus on when considering the steps to take for your project as it is what will help you to stand out from the crowd. For more information about our services and the assignments our press officers undertake, feel free to get in touch! We would be delighted to discuss the options and find out more about you.

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