At Dooweet, we love all types of music as well as unearthing new gems. Naturally, we all have our preferences, the music that really strikes a chord, but, as soon as we find a project we like, one that grabs our attention, we fight for it tooth and nail. One of the musical trends featuring among our press officers’ specialities is techno. When discussing this genre, the same question often surfaces repeatedly: “what exactly is techno music?” It’s true that this term is quite a broad one and often associated with what club night DJs play.

While this is true, there’s also more to it. In fact, we should actually think more of a music culture, which can’t simply be boiled down to electro music. Having popped onto the scene in 80s America, it developed in Detroit before gaining ground in Europe and particularly Germany. Fast-forward a few decades, and it’s still here and bringing us something new every year. And that’s where our press officers come in. They take care of PR and therefore help DJs stand out from the crowd.

Techno, a very recent musical genre which goes hand in hand with dance

“What is techno music?” We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been asked this question! To simplify things, you could say that it’s an electronic music genre interpreted by DJs. But it’s also worth adding that techno is all about dance, which is why it’s played in clubs, at parties and other events. Primarily instrumental, it first appeared in mid-80s Detroit. It quickly made its way to Europe, making a splash in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and particularly Germany, before finding its feet in France. And each country has added its own cultural touch to the genre, thereby diversifying the sound even more. With the passing years and technologies, DJs have continually enriched and renewed it. What’s more, some have shot to stardom and are household names all over the world. For the others, while it might not necessarily be a case of international fame it is still possible to make a name for yourself, particularly by applying the right PR strategy and entrusting it to our press officers.

Take real care of your PR by enlisting our agency Dooweet!

Every year brings so many fresh sounds. DJs emerge, hoping to build a career by using the Internet and social media as their preferred means of communication. While these tools might be effective, they won’t be enough to develop your reputation, exposure and attract producers and labels. To make it in the long-run, it is essential to map out a strategy, to work on your PR and to be well supported and advised. This is an area where you can rely on Dooweet press officers. If our teams like your project and your work, they will passionately champion it and provide you with A-Z support on the PR front. We will suggest tools and tailored steps to improve your exposure or to promote an event. Also, as we’ve aimed to show by answering the question of “what is techno music?”, we’re past masters. As well as in-depth knowledge of its inner workings we keep up with all the latest developments. And above all, we can help you to make the most of your talent and hard work. So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact one of our press officers so that we can start getting to know your project!

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