Nowadays, there are countless musical genres, and in all likelihood within the next few years, new ones could emerge, inspired by new influences. Although they have their own particularities, they sometimes share similarities, which is why some are closely related, whereas others are polar opposites (classical and metal music for example). There are also some genres that are inspired by other genres in turn, but which still follow their own codes. This is true of alternative music, which makes up part of our repertoire at Dooweet. All of which brings us great satisfaction as we can provide our know-how and open up our network to the artists and groups who make up this musical category.

In fact, our press officers can support your PR efforts by providing you with a personalised strategy. Our role is to offer you greater exposure and build your reputation. While French alternative music is not very well known (outside YouTube and at certain festivals), it definitely makes its presence felt on the French scene, but it’s often confused with other genres. As its definition might suggest, it doesn’t fit into any musical pigeonhole but is characterised by a strong desire for differentiation and varied inspiration. This is also why giving it a precise definition is by no means straightforward. Nevertheless, there are plenty of examples online and on YouTube

A musical genre where a little liberty is king

At Dooweet, our definition of alternative music, particularly French alternative music, can be summarised in a few words. It is unclassifiable, free-wheeling, and above all, it is multi-faceted. This is why defining it is so challenging. In fact, it is inspired by other genres, such as rock, rap and pop for instance, but stands apart through its rejection of their codes and norms. It is often said that alternative music artists and groups do not follow the rules dictated by the music industry, thatfor them, this system revolves primarily around commercialisation rather than the messages contained in the songs themselves. This is why they distance themselves from it… but not entirely, as they still sell records and many groups and singers are present on YouTube.

However, they often do things differently, and this is something our press officers understand all too well. So, if we look back at the definition of French alternative music, we need to remember that it is characterised by the rich variety of influences. Here are two examples: alternative rap and alternative rock. As for festivals, there are quite a few such as BetiZFest in Cambrai, the Belgian festival Pukkelpop and Les Nuits atypiques de Langon in Gironde.

Our mission: to provide you with a bespoke PR strategy

Alternative music, be it French or international, is as diverse as it is independent. Nevertheless, the groups and artists that make up this musical movement still need to build up a following, take part in festivals and organise concerts so that they can sell albums and express themselves on stage, experiencing those moments of connection with their fans. And that’s exactly where our press officers come in. In fact, although this genre is free and uninhibited by certain codes, it is important to champion its singers and groups. And PR is an integral part of this as videos online, on YouTube and social media platforms aren’t enough alone. You also need to include more traditional media.

At Dooweet, our press officers bear the particularities of this genre in mind when they draw up tailored plans for the people they represent, which build their reputation, without compromising their values. A fine balance then, and one which our team has mastered. We also have a wealth of experience where events are concerned, especially festivals. So, if you’re interested in our press officer services, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more!

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