PR 2022

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The legendary Plastic Bertrand has entrusted our digital marketing agency with all of its press relations for the year 2022. From television to radio, via the press and his website, Dooweet will accompany the Belgian artist on his new projects!


Plastic Bertrand is a Belgian singer, musician, songwriter, producer, publisher and TV presenter who had an international success with his famous punk song “Ça plane pour moi” in 1977. The single sold almost 950,000 copies and the song was covered by several bands such as BlackRain, Telex, Sonic Youth and even U2. 

Although this song is always associated with the image of the singer, Plastic Bertrand has also graced the public with other interpretations such as Tout petit la planète, Hula Hop and Sentimentale-moi. Plastic Bertrand has also appeared in a number of films, as well as in TV films and various TV shows. In 2004, Plastic Bertrand was made a Knight of the Order of the Crown. Today he is back in the spotlight with “Don’t stop” featuring British singer Leee John (ex leader of Imagination).

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