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For Maska, member of the “ Sexion D’Assaut ”, Dooweet’s marketing team set up Google Ads (Youtube), Facebook Ads (Facebook & Instagram), Snapchat and TikTok campaigns in order to cover the musical promotion of his EPs and videos “Etoile de jour Pt. 1” and “Etoile de jour Pt. 2”.


Maska is a French rapper and member of the “Sexion D’Assaut” band. He went solo for the first time in 2014 with the album “Espace Temps”.

Maska, whose real name is Bastien Vincent, was born in 1985 in the Lozère department. He grew up there for several years before moving to Paris. Still very young, it was in the ninth arrondissement of the capital that he met L.I.O, Adams Diallo, Lefa, and Scrib’R, with whom he formed the group “Assonance”. They then joined forces with “Prototype 3025”, another rap group. Over time, the two groups mixed and transformed into “Le 3ème Prototype”, becoming “Sexion D’Assaut”.

In 2021, Maska released two EPs entitled “Etoile de jour, Pt.1” and “Etoile de jour, Pt. 2” which we had the pleasure of promoting on social networks.

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