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Léa Castel has chosen our agency to promote all of her singles on Spotify Ad Studio since 2020.


Léa Folli Castello, known as a Castel, is a French R&B singer born in 1988 in Marseille. She is a singer-songwriter and musician. She is a singer-songwriter and musician, and was a finalist on the French TV show Popstars. She made a name for herself with her first album “Pressée de vivre”, in 2008. The album includes the single “Dernière Chance” with Soprano, as well as the guitar-vocal track “Partout”, served up on a platter by Dan Kamit.

“Pressée de vivre” was certified as a gold record and then a platinum record, thanks to 250,000 albums sold. In 2016, a Castel announced her return to the forefront with the single “Abîmée”, featuring Slimane. Today, the young woman is making her comeback with the release, 13 years later, of her second studio album called “Roue Libre”. She intermingles her voice with those of Gringe and Jul on the tracks “Pas tout compris” and “Lovely”.

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