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Latest show : November 11, 2018 (SOLD-OUT SHOW)

Concert date promotion
in France for
an international artist

Since 2018, we have had the pleasure to manage the concert promotion of a world-famous artist who has been filling stadiums for many years: the pop star Enrique Iglesias.

Throughout the world, each of this singer-songwriter’s tour dates is guaranteed to be an extraordinary show, for fans as well as anyone who appreciates talent. Of course, it was our duty to implement a wide array of promotional tools and services worthy of such an event.

So, DOOWEET handled the promotion of Enrique Iglesias’s last concert which took place on the 11th of November 2018 at the AccordHotels Arena, with the goal of event coverage over a number of mediums, several months in advance and all the way up to D-day.

Six months prior to the event:
traditional music promotion

Once the concert date was finalised, we immediately began to promote the event. We looked after the promotion of the event on radio stations, television channels and online, several months in advance and up to the days preceding the concert.

Implementation of our web promotion services

  • Creation of a pixelon the artist’s various official websites and social networks in order to collect data on his French fans
  • Analysis of the data collected to choose an effective marketing campaign (which resulted in an increase x15 in daily sales)

Our TV promotion services

  • Major partnership with M6 : adverts, including one on the news bulletin, competition to win tickets to the concert, broadcast of the artist’s music videos with reminder of the date of the concert, etc.
  • Major partnership with W9 : adverts, interview with the artist filmed in Miami and broadcast on the channel, concert advert on the news bulletin, competition to win tickets to the concert, broadcast of the artist’s music videos with reminder of the date of the concert, etc.
  • Major partnership with TF1 : concert advert on the 8 p.m. news bulletin…

Our radio promotion services

  • Major partnership with NRJ : free advertisements, broadcast of the artist’s tracks with reminder of the concert date, competition to win tickets to the concert, etc.
  • Partenership with Fun Radio : competition to win tickets to the concert…
  • Partnership with Voltage : competition to win tickets to the concert…
  • Partnership with Latina : competition to win tickets to the concert…

Three months before the event:
a more focused kind of music marketing

While continuing the promotional activities that were already in place, we launched concurrent marketing that was more targeted, involving ticketing in particular and partnerships with print and digital media.

Our ticket marketing services

  • Major partnership with Vente Privée : sale of nearly 1,000 tickets as the result of an ad on the artist’s sites
  • Major partnership with Fnac : creation of Enrique Iglesias collector’s tickets initiative + free poster campaign for the event in 100 stores (Fnac and Darty)
  • Major partnership with Digitick : advertising campaign displayed for a month on their homepage

Our event advertising services in print and digital media

Management and visibility optimisation in print and digital media, such as Public, AuFéminin.com, Voici… (in total, the concert was mentioned by some 120partner sites, with a total reach of more than 1,200,000 people)

Two months before the event:
several partnerships with influencers

In the weeks preceding the event, social media presence picks up. We choose this period to organise a series of promotion activities with influencers and social networks.

Our music promotion services with influencers and in public places

  • Major partneship with the influencer Jéremstar, who was able to meet Enrique Iglesias in London to discuss his Paris concert
  • Invitation to 500 influencers with the goal of having them talk about the event.
  • Creation and monitoring of the hashtag #ENRIQUEPARIS, trending topic and n°1 French hot topic and n°5 worldwide for three days on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram
  • Poster display in almost 100 Paris metro stations

D-day: presence to accompany personalities, invited guests and fans

Only a few hours before the concert, there is a buzz around the AccordHotels Arena. The DOOWEET music promotion agency was present to handle the networking side of the event:

  • Welcoming personalities, media, industry professionals and the artist’s guests.
  • Organisation of the meet & greet
  • Organisation of the meet-up between the fans and the artist

A music promotion agency at the service of all artists

Since 2012, we haveworked with a number of artists on the French and international scene. Our experience allows us to identify the ideal promotional actions for each type of project. Even though we take care of the promotion of stars of undeniable talent and success, that doesn’t mean we can’t take on a more modest project with a limited budget.

For DOOWEET, the most important thing is to put talent in the spotlight, whatever form it may take. From a simple targeted advertising campaign to promotional activities extended over the short, medium or long term, everything is possible for our press officers who specialise in music.

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