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For their album “Mass VI”, Dooweet promoted the Amenra group on the web,
French radio and French television.


Amenra (pronounced Amen-Ra) is a Belgian doom metal band from Kortrijk, in the Flemish Region. The name of the band comes from the combination of the Hebrew declamation “Amen” and the name of the Egyptian god “Ra”. Recurring themes are noticed in the lyrics of the group: duality between birth and death, light and darkness, pain and sacrifice. During their concerts, the members of the group use many symbolic and religious designs. Amenra has its own strong musical and visual world.

Formed in 1999 by singer Colin H. Van Eeckhout and guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove, the band was later joined by drummer Bjorn Lebon, guitarist Lennart Bossu and bassist Levy Seynaeve. Today, the doom metal band counts a series of six studio albums named “Mass” from I to VI. With a heavy style and a much assumed concept, Amenra is the kind of band that performs in unusual places: forests, underwear parades or old churches.

In 2008, Amenra marks a comeback with “Mass IIII”, more atmospheric but still as intense. In 2011, after having made a name for himself by playing several acclaimed concerts, the band performs for Neurosis as the opening act in Paris. Amenra signs the following year with Neurot Recordings for the release of “Mass V”.

Five years later, their latest album “Mass VI” is quickly considered by listeners as a major turning point in the Belgian band’s discography. Less heavy, giving more space to clear vocals.

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