The history of pop music dates back to the 1960s. At that time, pop music mainly referred to the songs of the Beatles and other groups from England and the United States. Nowadays, this musical genre extends to a wider range of artists, both French and international. Some are very famous throughout the world, while others are either slowly emerging or remain unknown. Within our agency, our press officers’ role precisely entails to promote them, to reveal them to the eyes (and ears!) of the public and to assist them in their press and public relations.

As a result, we accompany artists who have already released albums or, on the contrary, are preparing their first opus. As music enthusiasts, our press officers will always advocate for projects that are important to them and that is indeed essential to be able to work with PR from A to Z. Although this movement is very popular, due to its history and “pop” term indication, we keep discovering new talents who stand out from the rest, that we are proud to showcase and promote to the media.

A musical movement with fairly recent history

The term “pop music” appeared for the first time in the 20’s in the United States. But the history of this genre actually began in the 1950s. Back then, it referred to music influenced by other music genres such as rock, blues, or country music… The songs were rather short and meant for dancing. But in the 60’s, its history evolved and pop evoked a soft melancholic version of rock. A few decades later, in the 90’s, this musical trend underwent a small revolution with the arrival of boy bands and girl bands, along with the promotion of female vocalists (such as Whitney Houston). This led emergence of other artists, mainly solo artists, at the start of the new millennium.

Pop music is therefore inspired by several different styles, which allows it to reach a wide audience and makes it very accessible. Although it is considered by some as commercial, it is nonetheless a real artistic movement. In addition to internationally renowned groups and artists, there are many other musicians and singers that our press officers are happy to discover and accompany.

With Dooweet, enjoy a customized PR strategy!

Pop music has so many artists that it is not necessarily easy for new talents to emerge on the French and international scene and become part of the history of this movement. Therefore, that is where our press officers come in.

If we believe in your potential, if we are seduced by your work, we will gladly and sympathetically accompany you throughout your PR. Whatever the project, whether it is the release of an EP, the release of an album, the promotion of a festival, a tour or concerts, we will select the appropriate tools to promote it, enhance it and ensure its visibility. Tools which are very diverse today since we use both classical methods such as a portfolio and a press release, as well as modern techniques such as social networks and collaboration with influencers. Furthermore, given our expertise and extensive network, we are able to defend the projects we are entrusted with in the media. Contributing to their success is – always – our pleasure and priority.

To find out more about our press officers’ services, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to provide you with further information and explain our services.

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