Settling on an specific definition of jazz is by no means easy as no single, official one exists. Blending several musical and cultural trends, this music was born in the US at the beginnings of the 20th Century, in New Orleans. And while the first recording of a jazz track dates from 1917, countless have been made since and certain artists are known all over the world, such as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. Over 100 years later, this music has gone from strength to strength. It can be heard just as often in films as clubs and there are numerous festivals dedicated to it.

At Dooweet, it is one of the musical styles which we’re particularly fond of. Which is why our press officers have been providing jazz artists with PR support since 2012. Musicians, singers, orchestras, composers, events organisers (a festival for example)… whatever your project may be, we can help you to promote it. To make this possible, we offer you all our expertise and the benefits of our network and contacts. What’s more, we tailor our tools and actions to your needs and project. In short, bespoke PR support to bring you added exposure and enhance your reputation.

A complex, multi-faceted and evolving musical genre

Despite coming into being over a century ago, there is still no official definition for this music which everyone could agree on. But ultimately, that suits it quite well as it originated from several other trends which it blends to form one unique style. In fact, if it is so tricky to offer a definition of jazz, that is no accident. It is so rich and complex that it is often difficult to sum it up in a few words. Nevertheless, we can be sure that improvisation and swing are at its heart, that it was born of mixture and is given to reinvention. And above all, we must remember that it goes hand in hand with the nightlife world as in its beginnings it was played in the bars of New Orleans, then as part of American cabaret acts – in New York and Chicago in particular – which were then frequented by certain less than savoury characters. All of which has contributed to its fame and provided the beginnings of its definition. Furthermore, over the years, jazz has been nurtured by sub-genres and diverse varieties, for example hard bop, bossa nova and free jazz. And nowadays it is viewed with classic status, and is something our press officers enjoy promoting.

With Dooweet, your PR is in expert hands!

While we might be unable to offer an exact definition of jazz, that doesn’t stop us from appreciating it and celebrating its artists. In fact, at our agency, musical promotion is our speciality and music is a true passion. Our press officers therefore know this world all too well and are always delighted to discover new talent and promote events connected with this genre.

By choosing us for your project, you will enjoy the benefit of PR support. Beyond the traditional media which are television, radio, press releases and files for example, our press officers are experts when it comes to new communication channels such as social media and the digital realm in general. These complementary tools are valuable allies if you are to develop your exposure or promote an event. And even if some seem accessible to all, they still require expertise and shouldn’t just be used in any old way. By turning to our team, you’ll be among specialists. So don’t delay, contact our press officers now and find out more about our services.

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