Music, just like any other art form, is rich and varied. It is made up of a whole host ofgenres and styles, some of which have been around for longer than others, but all of which meansthatthere’s something for everyone. And if, like us, you love songs that are sad and melancholic but that carrythe most beautiful lyrics and music, then the blues must be something you enjoy every day too. In any event, at Dooweet, our press officers count it amongtheir specialities. This means we can support the artists and groups who make up this musical style when it comes to their PR.

We draw up a personalised strategy for each project and every artist we represent. Our goal is to help you gain greater exposure, build your reputation and make a name for yourself on the blues scene (whether you’re more soul ormorejazz-oriented). And like all die-hard fans, our press officers are absolutely obsessed with this genre, and while it might be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment of its emergence, we know all about its origins, codes and values. By the same token, we make all of our expertise, knowledge and networks available to the talented artists, groups, singers and musicians we believe in. In fact, at our agency, our press officers have a goldenrule: we only ever work with music that we love and which moves us. And that’s true of blues (be it soul, jazz or any of its other offshoots).

Blues music, a genre with mysterious origins

The history of this musical genre dates back to the beginnings of the 20thcentury. Although we can’t be sure of its precise origins, we can nevertheless highlight the first reference to the genre which dates back to 1901. In that year, an archaeologist from Mississippi pointed out and described the songs sung by the black labourers and slaves. And the word “blues” derives from these songs and their expression of despair and suffering.

Nowadays, the word brings to mind dark and melancholic ideas, and musically this is conveyed by the use of simple instruments such as the acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica. As for the lyrics sung by these groups and singers, which are often sad and extraordinary at the same time, they express feelings which we all face at one time or another: pain, joy, love, disillusionment and happiness. And even if its origins remain obscure, blues music is popular and has attracted a large following. At the same time, it has given rise to sub-genres, such as soul, jazz and inspires other musical genres.

Dooweet: passionately supporting your press relations

The origins of blues are therefore linked to the slaves who delivered this music to us. At the time, being deprived of the right to express themselves in writing, it was a way for them to do so verbally. Subsequently, its culture has endured to the present day making blues a genre which stands completely apart. At our agency, our press officers are particularly fond of this style of music and related genres (soul and jazz in particular), and are also very familiar with its origins and history. This is why we offer artists and groups support with their PR.

By entrusting us with your album or project, you’ll be tapping into our extensive PR experience, networks but also our passion. We’re there to help you stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself among the public, but not at any price. We therefore bear in mind your values and musical identity (or that of your group) when we shape your bespoke strategy. So, if you’d like to work with us, feel free to get in touch with our press officers right away. We’d be delighted to talk things over, hear your music, tracks and boost your PR

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