Paris, November 15 2016
Press release



During the last few years, we managed to develop Dooweet Agency with our Paris and Lille offices which allowed us to strenghten our National and European positions in media exposure and promotion for many musical bands. We’ve had the opportunity to display our roster through numerous media such as Télérama, Le Parisien, France 3, RTL2, Rolling Stone, BBC, RTBF, Die Morgen and many other on a European scale.



Today, a new adventure is coming along !




Driven by the will to develop global promotional solutions for our emergent artists and for those whose careers are already on their way, we are proud and happy to announce the opening of our New York office, located at 1732, 1st Avenue, NY, USA. This will allow us for 2017 to propose more than a French or European exposure to all of our artists. They now will also have access to a North-American promotion.


The American Dooweet staff is ready to serve the interests of our rock & metal artists… Your interests. In order to achieve this, we decided to work with famous press agents, each of them having built a strong career and obtained top-notch results throughout the years.


We are looking forward to revealing the identity of our US crew and to display our first results on the continent we’re about to conquer in the years to come.


Dooweet Agency