We have decided, in collaboration with Spotify,
to create our official playlists to introduce you to our artists !
We thus increase the chances for our artists
to be spotted by major players in the Music Industry.

As you no doubt already know from personal experience, or from having read our numerous articles on the topic for an emerging artist, or one looking for a much sought-after career boost, being present on different streaming platforms is an absolute must. And by streaming platforms, we mean Spotify, Deezer and others such as Apple Music.

With around 250 million subscribers worldwide, Spotify offers access to over 40 million tracks, of every imaginable style. So for anyone who wanted to listen to EVERYTHING on Spotify, if you assumed an average song length of 5 minutes (as despite a standard format of between 2 and a half to 3 minutes, you would be surprised by the number of tracks which make it past the 7 or 8-minute mark on Spotify) and around 7 hours of daily listening, it would take approximately… 18 centuries (give or take a few decades!)

So, you need to make your mark at the forefront of the digital scene with a clear presence on the official playlists of leading streaming platforms, but also on the go-to independent playlists. These playlists are recommended to listeners on the basis of their habits. In other words: your tracks will be presented to an audience already more likely to be into your style.

If your track is a good one, then being on a Spotify playlist can only offer more exposure. We’ve therefore decided, in collaboration with Spotify, to create our own official playlists in order to present our artists. We can then increase the chances of our artists being spotted by some of the music industry’s biggest players.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more about how to get your music onto our official playlists such as our independent playlist which has millions of subscribers. With a taste for your style, these listeners will be more inclined to follow and recommend you, for an upgrade to the mythical powers of word-of-mouth publicity, which has been the making (and breaking) if many artists’ careers over the years.